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FHA Lend Mortgage has helped tens of thousands across America qualify for home loans despite having less than perfect credit or scores. We are different from other lenders because we understand what it’s like when you apply with reasonable enough income but still come up short – which is why our team will work hard to find ways around any obstacles in your way so that YOU can get a mortgage!

We are Believers

We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to own their home. That’s why we work with borrowers from day one, even before they get pre-approved or qualify for a loan because at FHA Lend Mortgage everything starts Here!

We have States, We Have Rates, We Have Products!!

FHA Lend is licensed in 48 states having the best mortgage rates (banks make more), we are mortgage brokers. We work with over 180+ investors having products like NON-QM loans, DSCR Loans, ITIN loans, One Day Out Of Bankruptcy Loans, self-employed loans, bank statement loans, commercial loans, and many more.
Qualifying for a home loan is not about if you will qualify, but when! The minimum credit score required to get an FHA 3.5% down payment loan with no PMI? 580
Finance companies offer different types of financing programs based on your unique needs as well as those set by government regulations such as documentation requirements or bank approval process timeframes-but they all have one thing in common: They make sure potential homeowners exceed their criteria before approving any applications so everyone has fair access

Mortgage Loans under 580 Credit Score

HUD loans are a great way to get your hands on some new property if you’re looking in the right places and have less than perfect credit. The program allows borrowers with under 580 scores, but who still manage to put down 10% of their monthly income as collateral – meaning that they will be given an extra layer by most lenders!

We handle borrowers with credit scores down to 500 FICO. Outstanding collection and charge-off accounts do not have be paid off immediately – instead, they can stay open for up 10 years without interest fees or commissions!
No overlays on government loans (like VA) as well conventional ones; we’ll just go off the minimum agency guidelines so you don’t need those extra headaches anyway

Who We Are

FHA Lend is one of the small numbers of mortgage companies in America that can offer you government-backed loans with no lender overlays. We are licensed across multiple states and have an extensive background offering conventional, non QM or alternative programs for homeownership like second homes investment properties – we’re committed to being your one-stop shop!
We at FHA Lend understand what homeowners need from their finance teams; namely expertise when it comes down how they’ll be paying off these mortgages over time.

We at FHA Lend are committed to helping you find the best mortgage for your needs. We do not sell leads, nor does our website generate business generation programs like some other lenders out there! Our licensed loan officers will guide anyone through an application process that ensures both them and their clients satisfaction- because we care about making sure everyone gets what they deserve from this life-changing transaction
Our mission here is simple: To create a one-stop shop where customers can go when it comes time to purchase or refinance property securing debt obligations as well has to provide the lowest mortgage rates.

Free Information to Educate First Time Home Buyers

We created a blog for homebuyers, homeowners and mortgage professionals. Our goal is to provide the latest information on real estate in order to help consumers learn more about how it works while also providing them with some tips that might be useful when buying or refinancing their houses!
FHA Lend is a Real Estate and Mortgage resource center that provides information to people who are looking for mortgages. Unfortunately, many banks will tell you there’s no chance when in fact they do want your business! We have experts on staff with years worth of experience helping clients across all odds get approved – so don’t give up hope just yet.

We all know how hard it is to buy a house these days. But what you might not have known is that even if your local bank says no, there are other lenders out there who will give loans with stricter requirements and higher interest rates! We’re here at FHA Lend – our goal has always been helping consumers find solutions for their finances; whether they need help on an auto loan or just want more info about buying property in general (we also offer mortgage recommendations), we can get the job done right away so feel free contact us today at below

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