How To Qualify For FHA Loan in 5 Easy Steps

How To Qualify For FHA Loan in 5 Easy Steps

By Peter Bieda

Calculate Your DTI so you can be sure if you can qualify for FHA loan and how much of a house you can afford.


Check your Credit Score

You are eligible for 1 free credit check per year. via Make sure you check your FICO and see what impact your credit score the most. By increasing your FICO score and disputing items on your credit report you can lower your monthly payment by getting better mortgage rrate and you can afford more of a house.


Read about benefits of putting more down to remove your MIP (Private Mortgage Insurance)

Almost there! You are more than halfway through.



Check your FHA loan limits in your state and your county you live in. Find out if you live in a high cost area where you can get a higher loan amount backed by FHA/HUD


Detailed Extensions

Then click Details next to the extension you need.